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Loan Defaulter Prediction

Prediction of loan defaulter based on training set of more than 5L records using Python, Numpy, Pandas and XGBoost

The problem was hosted for Machine Learning Challenge on Hacker Earth. You can download the dataset from the challenge page or from the direct link to the same dataset here.

The code achieves about 97.6% accuracy in predictions. My best submission stood 15th on the leaderboard. Finished 19th though, which was scored on a less accurate submission. There were > 200 participants with over 90% accuracy.

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QuickView Python Package

A python package to visualize dataset loaded into a pandas dataframe. QuickView gives you a quick glance at the dataset, just pass the pandas dataframe. It gives some useful summary and plots with just one line of code. All the summary that it outputs is made available through member variables. Its built using matplotlib.

Get QuickView from Python Package Index

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Python Logger

This is a python standard output printing helper which prefixes useful info to the message to be printed. Can be used in long running operations as an indication of progress and running time. Has several options which can be configured through constructor. All options have sensible defaults, so that you can just instantiate an object and start using.

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Machine Learning

This is my ML playground where I learn, get my hands dirty with ML and data. I use Python Programming Language.

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