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My Data Science Journey


I am Abhijit Annaldas, a Software Engineer who recently fell in serious love with Data Science. I’ve been learning about Mathematics, Machine Learning and Deep Learning a lot lately. And sometimes for a change I read/watch about random physics/science topics ranging from astronomical concepts to some basic physics. I recently came to know about Feynman Technique, so I thought I’ll share what I learn through this blog. I’m planning to get my hands dirty with things I read/learn about and use github as my playground. Both, for doing and talking.

Apart from my recently found love, I’m a Software Engineer with Microsoft India. I have been blogging about various/random topics about technology on my other blog. Since I wanted to start with a clean slate, all about data science. I’m starting a new blog here.

Abhijit Annaldas
avannaldas [at] hotmail [dot] com