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Mathematics for Machine Learning


I’ve just started learning Machine Learning. I stumbled upon mathematical expressions that I’ve never seen before! And that’s where I took a break on that and turned to first learn the required Mathematics before I get into Machine Learning.

Good fundamentals with the maths subjects like Calculus, Linear Algebra help immensely help learn Machine Learning. As I started looking for what all I need to learn, questions like where to start? what to learn? in what sequence? started popping up. It took me a few days to figure out what all Mathematics needs to be studied for Machine Learning.

Well, we are lucky we have numerous structured online learning resources, open-sourced learning content today. In case you’d like to understand the math behind the machine learning. You can get quickly started with Linear Algebra and Calculus basics. Links at the end of page. First two links would be sufficient to get started.

Since it took me a few days to understand all about this when I started looking into Machine Learning, I hope this helps you have a good head start.

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