A lot of interesting things happened after I took a pause last time.

During my pause, I came across few new topics from books, blog posts and various online resources. One of those was interesting, I started digging into it and the urge to learn more began. Let’s call it “Rope” for now. Rope is something which will help me get closer to my life goal. It’s my most recent madness. Will save delving into Rope and my life goal for another day. It’s too early for me to write about them.

That doesn’t mean I’m abandoning my passion love for Machine Learning.

Machine Learning and Rope, are means/tools of achieving the goal. I learned, one should be passionate about a cause/life goal, and should love the tools that will help him/her achieve the goal.

I found my life goal through Machine Learning, and I mistook ML as my life goal. It became home page of my blog abhijitannaldas.com. This blog would become home page of my blog and ML Blog would be a sub-blog at a later point in time.

So far, I’ve discovered two tools that can help me achieve the goal. This wouldn’t have been possible if I was still deep into ML and blinded to everything else. It’s important to have a great set of tools/knowledge which work together in a great way. I already see how the power of ML and Rope blend together. Such synergies are capable of achieving mind blowing things.

Like wholesome diet helps us achieve great health, wholesome learning/knowledge/tools help us achieve our goal. One should love the subject and learn as much as possible without making it one’s only world. We should be open to learn new things. One madness after other, some day, we’d be armed to do great with a blend of knowledge acquired by learning all those things.

To sum it up…

  1. Always take care of your health. It’s pays off to spend some time learning how to take care of your health.
  2. Have a life’s goal that you are passionate about and committed to.
  3. Find tool to achieve it.
  4. Love (3) and let it be your madness until you know it very well.
  5. Don’t be blinded by your current madness. Keep looking for new things by reading books, following people who have been there done that.
  6. Start doing things towards (2)
  7. Go to (3)