I started dabbling into Machine Learning (ML) in early 2016 and it soon became my madness. Most of my free time (beyond day job) would be spent in learning Machine Learning. And for me, any time spent doing Nothing would lead to regret. And the madness was only picking up. It was as if I was racing against time to learn as much as I can, every single day. I spent very little time with my family, often slept very little and most importantly I rarely spent quality time with my daughter.

After about 18+ months of this routine, a sudden thought crossed my mind which forced me to re-think my approach and take a pause. It was me stepping back and looking at myself from a distance. I was so happy that it did happen and I did see myself from a distance. I realized life is beautiful when we take a pause to see and appreciate it. I missed a lot of things all these days (since I plunged into ML).

At that moment, I reviewed what I’ve learnt so far and how I was approaching things. I realized I’m now going to pause for few weeks, a time full of peace and nothingness! I packed things away (my study routine) and slowly drifted into a routine of doing nothing (in my free time beyond day job ofcourse).

If you have been following me (my ML Blog/LinkedIn), you might have noticed my inactivity. I have been through 5 weeks of nothingness and I now feel energized, rejuvenated.

In these days of pause, days suddenly had so many more hours in the evenings. I spent a lot of quality time with my daughter, experienced/noticed things beyond machine learning, read few books, went on a week long family road trip and enjoyed the stillness. If I’ve to call out one best thing of the break, it would be my daughter calling me naana (Daddy in telugu language) a dozen times a day, every time I step away from her sight. I’m overwhelmed with the love she now showers on me in return to the time I gave her in last few weeks.

Things are a lot different now. I got over a sense of rush in learning as fast as I can. I learnt to enjoy the journey of learning itself. Everything happens at it’s own pace and very few things in life can be rushed beyond a certain extent.

The break, pause and stillness has been energizing and rejuvenating! And I’m sure ML is going to be a lot more exciting with an all new perspective and approach to learning.

Stop, think and see yourself from a distance… now. Everyone needs time to see things around or course correct or explore new things or just need some rest! Life is beautiful when you start anew after a pause. Or as Satya Nadella says.. you Hit Refresh!

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