I’m a Learner

I keep wandering and rambling around to satisfy my hunger and curiosity to know everthing. I know for a person to know everything in a single lifetime isn’t possible. But, I still do make an attempt to learn or alteast skim through a lot of things that I know would amaze me and I probably may not put that knowledge to use. One moment it’s about cognitive science where researchers speak of how child’s brain develops, other moment it’s about Quantum Theory and Quantum Computing. Irrespective of the field of study, I’m always amazed and awe stricken to know every concept and phenomena in all that I come across.

Though I know Data Science and Machine Learning is what I’d devote my significant part of life to, I want to keep my quest for learning more things going on. This section of my blog is an attempt to scribble down my journey into a diary as I wander through different lanes and streets of internet while gathering knowledge.

Ted Talks, Wikipedia articles, random blogs, youtube videos, books, posts by thought leaders in LinkedIn, Quora and a ton of different internet avenues are my primary source of learning. Please note that, what I write here are nothing more than scribbles for myself and those who would be interested peek into a random learner’s diary. These can be considered as my experiences and musings, but should never be considered as a source of knowledge on any subject matter.

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