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Abhijit Annaldas

Abhijit Annaldas

Hello, I am Abhijit Annaldas. Born and brought up in Solapur (Maharashtra) India with ancestral roots in Telangana (India) (was earlier a part of Andhra Pradesh (India)). Born to code, but had to take a detour in my journey. Did two things in my detour, studied Biology as an elective subject while I was in undergrad when I should have studied mathematics. Did Diploma in Pharmacy (2 Years) after undergrad.

After Diploma in Pharmacy, I did Bachelors in Computer Applications (BCA) and then Masters in Computer Applications (MCA). I was Microsoft Student Partner for 2 years while I was doing MCA. I am now doing my first job as a Software Engineer at Microsoft India, Hyderabad, since June 2012. My passion and love for technology helped me find my way back to technological highway even though the detour was very difficult and lengthy. You can find more about my journey until I landed at Microsoft in my blog post My Journey to Microsoft.

I like making new friends, exploring new things, travelling and music. Music is something that helps me stay in my own world. Loud banging music in my headset takes me into my own world leaving the rest behind!

Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee Silhouette

Outside of work, I play Ultimate (aka Ultimate Frisbee). Ultimate is a game played with a Flying Disc (or Simply Disc in Ultimate terminology) between two teams of 7 players in each. The field is approx. 110m x 37m. The teams need to score against the opponents by passing the disc to their respective End Zones (Goal Score Zone).  I am playing Ultimate since February 2014. I’ve played my first tournament “Hyderabad Mini Tournament” in Hyderabad and second tournament “Usha Bangalore Ultimate Open – 2014” in Bangalore. I play Ultimate with a Hyderabad team named Disc-O-Tech. I simply love this game. Know more about My Tryst with Ultimate!

I’d love to hear from you, please feel free to reach out to me via mail, contact [at] abhijitannaldas [dot] com.