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There is a question on Quora asking “How many days will it take for a blog to get followers or famous if daily I blog?” and I started writing my opinion in a few lines on my phone which quickly went long. I thought, let me get to my blog and write my thoughts on this.

So here is my advice to the person/people seeking answer to the above question.

I won’t answer how many days, but I’ll answer how to get (real) followers (and eventually be famous, which should not be the goal in first place!).

Many bloggers tend to measure the success with the number of followers or visitor statistics. It’s not accurate, there are Followers and there are those who really follow your blog. While getting a decent number of the Followers is easy, just invite your friends and you are done, many of your friends just hit on Follow/Like (whatever it is, without a second thought). But the real question is how you keep them engaged with regular quality posts/knowledge you share on your blog. How many of your blog “Followers” are really following your blog, meaning.. they are checking every other post you write, keep coming to your blog hoping you have written something new once they get an idea about how frequently you write.

Focus on writing well on topics of your choice/interest/expertise. Invite your friends. Yes, you should work to get the followers to your blog initially and then make sure they get hooked, become actual followers.

There are a few instances where I’ve met people in different community events and they say, “Oh.. I follow your blog regularly, and I’m glad to meet you in person!” That moment.. I would say is more than any other success parameter or being famous for me. A handful of followers and a few appreciation/acknowledgement words, either in person or in the form of interaction (comments/likes on posts) on your blog should be good to say you have built a blog that benefits people (my version of success!)

Hope this helps!

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