4 Years of Blogging!

4 Years of Blogging! Started my blog exactly 4 years ago on 10/10/2010! Blogging has taught me many things in these 4 years and is a great way of learning by sharing. It gives an immense satisfaction when someone who was stuck for hours on something, lands on my blog to find answers. It’s a great satisfaction and happiness. Start blogging today!

Do you always think of starting a blog?
Did you learn something today?
Did you find something interesting to share?

You should start blogging or blog if you already have one whenever you have answered Yes to any of the above questions!

You need not blog everyday or even weekly. You need not set goals for yourself the day you start blogging. Don’t feel the pressure of commitment but be committed to blog when you learn something new. Take it easy and start easy. And the road ahead will be great as you grow as a blogger.

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