My Tryst with Ultimate!

The day, February 4, 2014 is one of those big days in my life which define what I am. The first time I flicked the disc, I realized that Ultimate is going to be THE GAME CHANGER of my life.

It started just like any other day. I usually hit gym in my office in the evening. I was hearing a lot about Ultimate and occasionally few of my friends insisted joining for a game. I went for a game to give it a try, just for a change, which really changed everything!

I had never played an outdoor sport before. And Ultimate is one of those high stamina needed games. I played beyond my limits for about 2 hours on the first day. I fell sick for 3 days. Those 3 days were followed by a weekend. So I had a long weekend for enough rest. I was back to the ground on the next game day, exactly a week after my first game. Coming back to the game was more important and tough decision I took after I was down for couple of days.

For those who are unclear about what is Ultimate, it is a game played with a Flying Disc (or Simply Disc in Ultimate terminology) between two teams of 7 players in each. The field is 110m x 37m. The teams need to score against the opponents by passing the disc to their respective End Zones (Goal/Point Score Zone). There are links at the end of the post where you can know more about Ultimate.

Since then, I regularly play Ultimate (usually 2-4 times a week). I play Ultimate with a Hyderabad team named Disc-O-Tech. The team is a group of techies working at Microsoft India (Hyderabad). I’ve played two Ultimate Tournaments viz., “Hyderabad Mini Tournament” in Hyderabad and “Usha Bangalore Ultimate Open – 2014″ in Bangalore.

The ride has been brilliant so far and I’m sure it’s just going to get better day by day. Ultimate is a unique game and the chances are pretty high that anyone who plays it once really sticks to the game. The most important lesson it gives is that it teaches being honest and respecting others. Read about Spirit of the Game (SOTG). And will you believe that this is a no referee game? Yes, in Ultimate, there is no referee! Read about SOTG!



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