CHM File Does Not Show Content?

CHM files are Compiled HTML files commonly used in Windows Operating Systems for help files, documentation and e-books at times. The file is opened using a program C:Windowshh.exe in a windows machine. CHM files fail to show the content in one of the following situations…

  • It is blocked because the file is being opened from a network share
  • It is blocked because the file has been downloaded from internet
  • The path of the file or it’s name contains # character (because it interferes with HTML hyperlinks)


  • To open a chm file from a network share, there is a registry tweak, but I’d recommend not relying on it. Instead, copy the file to your machine and open it.
  • For files that you have downloaded from internet, you can go to file’s properties and Click on “Unblock” button in the properties to unblock the file. Do this if you trust the source of the file and do scan the file with an updated anti virus.
  • If the path of the file or it’s name contains # character, rename/move it to remove the # character in path & file name
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