Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview with Cortana!

Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview is here. The wait is over!

If you are a Windows Phone Developer and have a Windows Phone Developer account, you can get the developer preview of Windows Phone 8.1 on your Windows Phone 8 Device. I’ll show you how you can do that…

Step 1: Download Preview for Developers

Step 2: Open the app, sign in with the Windows Live account that has an active Windows Phone Developer Subscription.

Step 3: Check the checkbox “Enable Preview for Developers” in the app.

Step 4: Check for Phone Updates in settings, download and install the updates. You’ll get two updates, first one – which prepares the phone for 8.1 Update – took 30 min for me and the actual 8.1 Update took about 2 hours on a decent Wireless Broadband. Make sure you have a very decent internet connectivity and plug your phone to charger. Backup your stuff before you start, because prevention is always better than cure.

Step 5: Windows Phone 8.1 update will include Cortana in United States, Cortana outside United States will be released later.

Do you want Cortana?

Obviously you’d! Set the regional settings and Input Settings for your phone to United States and you’ll get Cortana on your Phone. Below Screenshots show how to do that..

  1. Go to Language + Region and configure it as United States
  2. Go to keyboard and make select English (United States), if you have more than one keyboard, keep the English (United States) the primary (default or first) one.

Caution: I am just sharing my experience of how I did it, DIY @ Your own Risk!


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