Phone Battery Draining out fast with Windows Phone 8.1 and Cortana?

Microsoft released Windows Phone 8.1 update as a Preview for Developers. It brought huge improvements to Windows Phone. Did you update your Windows Phone to 8.1? If not yet done, you should do it, you’ll love it! Read how to do it in my previous blog post here.

A few users experienced unusually fast battery drain with their phones after updating it to Windows Phone 8.1. Here are a few tips that might help you conserve the battery…

Battery Saver
Go to Settings > Battery Saver. You can turn on/off Battery Saver mode, check battery usage of all your apps. In Windows Phone 8.1, now you can specify if the app runs in background always or only when the phone Battery Saver mode is Turned OFF.

Battery Saver

Configure Quick Actions in Notification Centre
Go to Notifications+Actions, and pin two settings to the “Quick Actions” in notification centre, Wi-Fi and Location Services. These two things tend to drain out battery very fast and we often leave them turned ON even when not required. Keeping them in notification centre will help you quickly notice and turn them off when not needed.

Turn off Cortana when not needed
If you do not use Cortana every now and then, you can go to Settings > Swipe to Applications section > Cortana. Turn it off and it won’t drain the battery. This might specifically help you when you are travelling and you turn on Location Services for Maps, and Cortana starts running in background at the same time eating up more battery. Remember that turning off Location Services also turns off Cortana.

Network Service Provider
Look for the cellular network connectivity in your phone. Does it keep losing the cellular network connectivity and get back to normal in few minutes or even seconds sometimes? That’s an indication when your phone switches to a different cell tower (aka Cell Site) for the connection when the nearest one changes. This drains out the battery drastically if it is frequent. Talk to your service provider if this happens frequently.

I am using HTC 8X and my phone battery is perfectly fine with Windows Phone 8.1 Update. If everything else looks fine and still your phone battery drains out, then probably you should take your phone to the manufacturer’s Support Centre.

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4 thoughts on “Phone Battery Draining out fast with Windows Phone 8.1 and Cortana?

  1. NO DUDE! these settings doesn’t help. The main issue is that this is a pure update from Microsoft,
    so these issues are bound to happen. These issues will automatically get resolved when the actual update comes because that will include the firmware update as well that will be specific for each device.
    I have all these settings (that you mentioned above) enabled since the time I installed 8.1 but that doesn’t help a inch to solve the battery issues that I am facing after installing 8.1 Preview.
    AFAIK, if you are not facing any battery issues that means HTC 8X will require very minimal changes to its firmware updates.
    And also going to manufacturer’s Support Centre won’t solve anything because we have installed a preview version of OS and that voids the warranty. They will simply say that its because you installed a preview version of the OS :)

    • Agree & Disagree! I agree that the general public update role out & firmware updates will stabilize things. And, I disagree that these settings don’t help. Try keeping the location & Wi-Fi ON for a day and see the difference. I’ve mentioned about them coz they are one of the most battery draining features of the phone and a few people are just unaware of it. Obviously these settings will not make the battery run day long, but at least they can help the battery last a little longer.

      Thanks for dropping by my site!

      Abhijit Annaldas

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