What is immortality? Given a chance how many people would really like to be immortal? There are two ways to be immortal, one is staying alive forever, and the other is to leave this world better place to live with great deeds.

Okay, coming to the point. Let me tell you why I began with this topic. I was touched by Sachin Tendulkar’s farewell speech at the end of his international cricket career’s last match. For the first time in my life, it was like seeing a person turning immortal with his deeds! The speech and the Post Match Ceremony moved the hearts of a billion people. There might be many people like me who do not follow cricket, but tried to watch his last game play. He has undoubtedly set an example of being immortal by deeds. The way he spoke about important people of his life, the way he expressed those words and departed, I saw a legend, GOD of Cricket turning immortal!

Sachin Tendulkar’s Farewell Speech at his Last Cricket Match

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