Healthy Computing

Health is wealth! A universal truth everyone knows but most ignore. If you spend your most of the time (anything more than an hour daily/frequently is what I believe) using computers, you need to have THE BEST setup of all the necessities – Chair, Desk, Monitor and Computer – The Best In Class of all of these things.

  • A great Chair that has all the important adjustments for optimum body posture.
  • A great Desk with height adjustment for optimum position of the system.
  • A great Monitor (that is Big, has Anti Glare Screen, Height/Tilt/Swivel adjustable.) for your eyes. Go for multiple monitors if your daily work needs it.
  • A great Computer which doesn’t make you wait while daily computing with great keyboard & mouse!

The money you spend can be termed as two different things…

  • You call it Expenses when you spend on something you want (but don’t really need).
  • You call it Investment when you spend on something you need.

This is a great difference. The moment you can make it out, you’ll never give a second thought to buy something that you really need. Identify the difference, anything that helps you be more comfortable at your work is an investment. You must invest in them or you might end up spending to treat your ailments.

This post was inspired by Scott Hanselman’s blog post. I decided to write a short post on the same topic to give a gist of it for a quick read. I’d strongly recommend reading his post. It’s definitely worth a read.

Be Healthy Be Happy!

Warm Regards,

Abhijit Annaldas

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