Never lose an opportunity and Regret!

15 Years ago, I was learning Swimming. Scared of water… I stopped it. Today in my team outing… all the friends were having a dip in the pool.. I was the only one standing out. A little scared, a little confused.. a thousand thoughts running through my mind… shall I give it a try? I may be able to swim! Its safe.. the pool is not so deep…

Finally I said to myself.. I am going to do it… I don’t wanna lose this opportunity and regret later! I got into the pool and to my surprise… I was actually able to swim very easily after 15 years! Had I missed this opportunity, I would have never done swimming again. I am very happy that I did not lose the opportunity and I will now do it more often.

Remember, Never lose an opportunity and regret! Take time say NO but don’t take much to say YES, because the first one of these two that comes to your mind will most probably be the final one that your heart feels… so be quick and listen to your inner call!

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