A Developer in a Test Role!

Are you one of those who think about themselves as a Dev Engineer by blood and never a Test Engineer? I would definitely answer this question as Yes!

I am a kind of person who loves to be a Developer and never imagined about doing a test role. I joined Microsoft as a MACH Hire who gets opportunity to do different roles every 6 months for first 2 years. I joined as a SDET, for first six months.

Even though I loved to be in a Dev role, I enjoyed working in a Test Role. Believe me; Test role helps you see the other side of a coin. It will help you see in the Test Engineer’s Perspective and you will definitely be a better Dev Engineer.

Even if you want to be in a Dev Role for your entire life, consider being a test engineer at least for a short period. You will be a better Dev after that.
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