Interesting Facts about Windows and Microsoft

Folders With Special Names:
Did you ever try creating CON folder in windows. You can’t create it, windows doesn’t allow. In fact windows doesn’t allow creating folders named CON, PRN, NUL, AUX, CLOCK$, LPT0 to LPT9, COM0 to COM9.

The reason behind this is that all these names have been used within the operating system for devices or some other purposes. The OS sends data to these devices, if there is a folder with these names, there will be ambiguity. Therefore the OS simply restricts the user from creating folders with these names.

However, you can still create a folder with these names using UNC Paths (Learn more about UNC Paths).

Magic with ALT:
“You can type all valid ascii values directly through keyboard.” You can type in any valid ascii character. Just keep the ALT pressed and hit the ascii value using NUM PAD, release ALT. Try it in notepad!

Fast Facts about Microsoft:
Checkout this page on Microsoft’s website.

Name Microsoft:
“Microsoft” was originally “Micro-soft” for Microcomputer Software.

Name Windows:
“Windows” was initially named “Interface Manager”.

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  1. you can create using following at command prompt-md \.D:conthis will create con folder in D driveyou can remove the folder usingrd \.D:conits just simple, prefix \. to any path to represent it as UNC Path of current machine.

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