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In this post I will explain you how to prepare your machine for Windows Phone 7 application development.
Windows Phone Developer tools (WPDT):
You can find all the system requirements and the prerequisites for using WPDT on the online installer download page, i.e., first link below.
First install these tools to get your machine ready for Windows Phone 7 development. Once you install these tools you will get a “Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows Phone”. You need to register (this is free!) this copy online using your windows live account when prompted in the IDE.
In Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows Phone, you can develop Silverlight and XNA applications for Windows Phone 7 using C#. As for now it doesn’t support VB.NET. So if you are an ardent VB developer, don’t worry, you can install “Visual Basic CTP for Windows Phone 7 Developer Tools” (Download here). Using this you can develop Windows Phone 7 applications in VB.NET, but you will need a Visual Studio 2010.
So when you are ready with these things, you can start developing applications for Windows Phone 7. I will explain you how to develop a simple application for Windows Phone 7 step by step in my later posts.
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