Creating a Simple Currency Converter for WP7

Hello friends, In this post I will explain you how to develop a simple application for Windows Phone 7. Here I will explain step by step how to develop a Currency Converter for WP7. If you are new to Windows Phone 7 Development first go through this page. I am using visual studio and creating this project in Visual Basic.
Note: You can click the screen-shots below to view them in actual/full size, they will open in new tab/window.

1] Start New Project in Visual Studio, select “Windows Phone Application” under “Silverlight for Windows Phone.”
2] When the project is successfully created. You will see a Windows Phone Designer and XAML markup. Delete the “MY APPLICATION” textblock control in the Windows Phone Designer, As the application is having only one screen we can remove it (Or a matter of personal choice of designing UI).
3] Then change the textblock “page name” to “Currency Converter” and reduce its font size to display it correctly.
4] Add the controls [ three TextBlocks, two TextBoxes and one Button ] as shown below…
.. and change the properties in properties window appropriately for each control. To open property window for a control, select the control and hit F4 key (the default shortcut). Change the names and the text/caption for all controls as shown in the above screen-shot.
5] Once you are ready with the screen layout and all the controls, double click the button to add following code….
6] Save the project, Build the solution from the Build menu. You can now test this application in Windows Phone 7 Emulator using Application Deployment tool. Find the “Application Deployment” tool in your start menu. Just browse for the .xap file in the bindebug  directory of the project and click on “Deploy” button.
7] And your first Windows Phone 7 application is running!!!
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