A Simple to use integrated tool for web-development that uses asp.net framework and includes everything that is needed to get a website developed from scratch on air. It is a very nice tool for developers developing small websites.

Major Important components
1. IIS Express, a development web server completely compatible with production web server
2. ASP.NET, a web framework
3. SQL compact edition, a lightweight database

Extra Features
1. SEO Reports
2. Publishing
3. Hosting Providers
4. Extensibility to VS
5. Extensibility of DB
6. Easy to learn
7. Small, Simple and Seamless

Razor Syntax
Uses @ symbol for razor code. Can be written in C# or VB in cshtml or vbhtml pages. It is very easy to learn. Using razor code, the transition between server side code and markup is really simplified. It is easy to grasp for beginners.

WebMatrix sites use a lightweight database SQL Compact Edition or simply SQL CE. It is a simple file based database and doesn’t require a SQL Server running. So it can be easily copied and used wherever required. It is easily scalable and can be migrated to a full SQL Server.

Helpers are a set of libraries that simplify commonly required programming tasks. For example showing a twitter roll, showing a Facebook Like button, showing a Bing search box, showing charts, hashing functions, file upload, playing flash(swf) and windows video(wmv), displaying grids/tables using Webgrid.

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