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Welcome to my data science blog!

I'm Abhijit Annaldas. I've been working as Software Engineer for over 5 years. Have extensive experience of building enterprise scale applications across different complexity levels, domain and tech stack. I started getting familiar with Machine Learning in early 2016 which soon turned into a my full time labor of love. I'm living, breathing and doing Machine Learning almost every moment when am not busy with my day job (well, not literally, but I guess you get the point :)). Since the academics/subjects I have been through didn't give me enough exposure to mathematics, grasping machine learning was initially tough for me. Believe me, getting started wasn't easy. I had a zillion questions as to where to begin, what all the basics are required. The depth and vastness of the subject is mind-boggling. And for one like me without enough mathematics exposure initially, it was difficult to find the starting point. In this blog, I intend to share my learnings and experiences.

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